At NEPC, we pride ourselves on the kind of talent we attract. Our people are driven, skilled and committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. The flip side of housing such an accomplished group of professionals is that occasionally we lose a few. While we wish them nothing but the best, we are sad to part ways.

However, every once in a while, an employee leaves the firm, and we couldn’t be happier or prouder. The departure earlier this year of Ali Rondeau, a Senior Consulting Analyst on our healthcare team, was one such time. Ali parted ways with NEPC to attend nursing school. We caught up with her just before she left NEPC. Here are excerpts from our conversation:

NEPC: What was your role at NEPC and how long were you at the firm?

Ali: I have been with NEPC for just over five years. My most recent role at the firm was as a Senior Consulting Analyst on the healthcare team. Prior to that, I was an analyst on the private markets’ performance analytics team.

NEPC: We are sad to see you go. What’s next for you?

Ali: Healthcare has always been a big interest of mine, from minoring in Health and Society in college to working on the healthcare team at NEPC. Over the last few years, I worked closely with our healthcare clients and saw firsthand the challenges they faced as they navigated the unprecedented pandemic.

My work at NEPC was inspiring and I found it gratifying to contribute to the success and wellbeing of these healthcare organizations. By working closely with them, I learned I wanted to have more of a direct impact on patient experience and outcomes and ultimately decided to pursue nursing.

I’m confident that my experiences at NEPC will provide me with a holistic perspective of the operational demands that challenge healthcare systems and the nuances around delivering care.

NEPC: How did your team take the news of your departure?

Ali: NEPC and the team leadership have been so gracious and encouraging as I take steps to return to school. While it hasn’t been an easy decision to leave the firm, I’ve truly appreciated the support NEPC has shown me as I pursue my passions. That means so much coming from people I have tremendous respect for, and I hope that our paths cross again in the future.

NEPC: How did your clients take the news?

Ali: The clients I’ve worked with were all incredibly supportive as they heard the news that I was leaving NEPC. Given that they are on the frontlines of healthcare and have been managing the ongoing challenges of a pandemic, they are acutely aware of the shortage of nurses and have been so enthusiastic that I will be going in that direction. I hope to one day find myself working at a healthcare system supported by NEPC.

NEPC: At NEPC, our clients come first. Now, in the next chapter of your professional life, your patients will come first. Are there any NEPC values or experiences you will carry over?

Ali: NEPC has taught me the value of collaboration and respect, which I know will serve me well as I become a student once again and when I reenter the workforce in a completely new field. There is so much that you can learn from your mentors and peers. Showing curiosity and speaking up when it is appropriate are key but leaving space to learn from others is just as important.

NEPC: What is the best part about working here, and what will you miss the most

Ali: The camaraderie and team atmosphere are what make NEPC a special place to work at and those are the things I will miss the most. The respect that is held across practice groups and different segments of the firm, regardless of title, means that you are working closely with people up and down the organization to deliver the best results for your client. I have learned a great deal at NEPC and could not be more grateful for the five years of growth I have had working here.

NEPC: Thank you Ali! We wish you the very best and know you will go on to do wonderful things! Just like your clients, your patients will be fortunate to have you!


As an update to this interview, NEPC and Ali have stayed in close contact since she left in the fall, and we are pleased to report that she will be working with us part-time over the holidays and a few hours on select weeks around her school schedule. While school will be Ali’s priority, we are thrilled to have her continue to work alongside us in delivering our goals.

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