We strive to deliver optimal investment gains and mission-aligned solutions with strategies and products that are enduring, equitable and inclusive. To achieve these objectives, we offer our Sustainable Solutions that focus on diverse managers and impact investing.

Client Spotlight: “In choosing to work with NEPC, TDF has picked an investment consultant that understands the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, that has an internal commitment to this, and that seeks out diverse asset managers, both in terms of the individuals building investment portfolios and the owners of the firms that employ them.” – Read more from The Denver Foundation.

Empirical data show that diversity prevents groupthink, while fueling greater innovation, improving problem solving and boosting performance. Increasing engagement with and representation of under-represented groups, including Blacks/African Americans, Latinx, Asians/Pacific Islanders, American Indians/Alaskan Natives, women, veterans, disabled persons and LGBTQ+, serves the dual goals of deepening the talent pool while democratizing wealth. The Diverse Manager Committee identifies diverse-owned and -led asset managers and investment strategies that best support your financial goals, beliefs, constraints and time horizons; we also offer evaluations of an investment firm’s or strategy’s consideration of diversity, equity and inclusion.


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Increasing diversity is a core initiative at NEPC, both within our workforce and as part of the value we provide to clients. We believe our emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion will drive long-term success in our own business and the investment programs we serve.

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Samuel M. Austin, III
Partner, NEPC

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Our Impact Investing Committee works closely with you to incorporate an investing approach that achieves an optimal financial return while aligning with your impact goals. Implementation varies across our four-pillar framework: screening, integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment approaches, thematic investing and shareholder engagement. We start with a thorough understanding of your organization’s specific objectives and meet you where you are in your impact journey. Our services include rating and assessing the level of ESG integration at a firm and strategy level, and evaluating outcomes to determine if investment managers are meeting return expectations, impact goals and reporting requirements.


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“Our priority is to create customized investment programs that are aligned with your values and mission and, at the same time, geared towards maximizing potential financial returns.”

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Krissy Pelletier

Partner, NEPC

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