Our mission is to deliver investment strategies that help you preserve and grow your capital across market cycles and regimes. Our greatest strengths are our open minds, relentless curiosity, and diversity in thought and experience.

Our private ownership structure allows us to offer you unbiased investment advice, and the highest levels of service and transparency.

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We are dedicated to finding investment strategies to help our clients meet their long-term financial objectives within their individual risk constraints.

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Timothy F. McCusker, FSA, CFA, CAIA

Chief Investment Officer, Partner

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We employ a rigorous and disciplined process to determine the optimal mix of assets to support your individual investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. We use proprietary tools, models and research to construct enduring and diverse investment portfolios that combine long-term strategic initiatives with shorter-term tactical allocations.

Our experienced team of advisors uses an array of tools and analyses to better understand the risk exposures and manager styles of your investment mix. Our goal is to implement a balanced and diversified asset allocation strategy to enhance the collective performance of your portfolio.

We have specialists dedicated to every hedge fund category, including credit, equity, event-driven and macro direct funds, and funds-of-funds. Our services run the gamut from manager search and operational due diligence, to portfolio construction and implementation.

We identify operational (non-investment) risk factors that may impact an investment manager’s future performance, and help clients mitigate those factors. Our team works independently from our investment advisors and holds veto power to reject any fund. In addition to evaluating hedge fund strategies, we review other investment managers as needed and undertake special projects for our clients.

We craft enduring investment solutions across publicly-traded markets and the active-to-passive spectrum to help maximize your long-term returns within your risk tolerance. Using proprietary quantitative and qualitative metrics, we look beyond past performance to identify differentiated investment products and styles in a crowded marketplace.

We are dedicated to finding innovative investment solutions across private equity and debt markets to support your specific long-term financial objectives and risk tolerance. Our actionable investment strategies range from buyouts, direct lending, venture capital, to fund of funds, distressed debt, opportunistic credit, secondaries, and mezzanine debt.

We actively evaluate real assets, including real estate, energy, renewable energy, infrastructure and natural resources, for actionable best-in-class investment ideas across public and private markets and liquid and illiquid securities. We collaborate with you to build real assets portfolios that meet your investment goals, while employing a rigorous manager-selection process encompassing first-time funds and seasoned money managers the world over.

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NEPC’s 2024 Annual Investment Letter: The Past is Prologue

At NEPC, we believe our key market theme of permanent interventions will dominate this year, with the understanding that fiscal stimulus will likely lead the way, given the limited wiggle room for monetary policy with rates already at zero or even negative territory.

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