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Awards and Recognition

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  • CIO’s Most Influential Investment Consultants: CIO Magazine interviews pension and non-profit CIOs, asset managers and former consultants, to approximate what it calls "the hierarchy of today's institutional consultant industry". The results should not be considered a recommendation of any specific firm or individual consultant. For more information, please visit CIO Magazine's website at www.ai-cio.com

  • CIO’s Industry Innovation Consultant Awards: On an annual basis, CIO Magazine highlights the most innovative and positive work being done for, and at, the world’s largest pensions, endowments, foundations, and sovereign wealth funds. The awards are split into two general categories: asset management/servicing and asset owners. Nominations are generally open during July and August. The CIO editorial team determined the finalists and eventual winners, with input from its awards Advisory Board. [ Source: www.ai-cio.com ]