NEPC’s research team is dedicated to meeting the investment challenges of our diverse group of clients. We provide customized advisory solutions across a range of asset classes and investment strategies to help our clients meet their long-term financial objectives within their individual risk constraints.  

Be it searching for the next investment strategy for your portfolio, considering a mosaic of perspectives while constructing portfolios, or monitoring existing managers, our mission is to provide sound financial advice. We collaborate across practice groups and asset classes to find tailored solutions that help safeguard, manage and grow your investments.

When you work with us, you get:

  • A boutique consulting experience backed by a 50-person research team
  • A forward-looking, multi-faceted asset allocation process that involves a comprehensive understanding of risk
  • Actionable investment advice based on original, on-the-ground research and a comprehensive and exhaustive due diligence process
  • A Discovery Platform dedicated to uncovering the next great investment idea off the beaten path of traditional areas of focus
  • An open mind, relentless curiosity, diversity in thought and experience, and a vibrant mix of ideas
  • Investment opportunities across the entire liquidity spectrum, not just within a single asset class
  • Independent and unbiased insights on traditional and alternative assets, market and economic events, and industry trends



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