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Nareit: Pension Consultant Sees Growing Interest in Portfolio Completion Strategies Using REITs

NEPC's Matthew Ritter joined Meredith Despins, Nareit senior vice president, investment affairs, for a special episode of The REIT Report podcast to discuss how REIT-based investment can deliver access to a 21st century real estate portfolio.

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Private Asset Management: Is Alt Beta Ready for Prime Time?

Private Asset Management article "Is Alt Beta Ready for Prime Time?" featured NEPC's Reino Ecklord, Hedge Fund Research Consultant.
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MMR: Dodd-Frank Rollback Could Hit Direct Lending

Money Management Report article "Dodd-Frank rollback could hit direct lending" included comments from NEPC's Oliver Fadly, research consultant.

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FundFire: NEPC Streamlines Manager Ratings with New Numeric System

Investment consultant NEPC has rolled out a new investment manager rating system, which mirrors how other consultants gauge firms for their recommended and vetted lists.

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