WSJ Pro article “PE Firms Head for the Exits in Oil-Field Services” includes comments from NEPC’s Matt Ritter, Research Consultant.

Private-equity firms again are rushing to take advantage of public investors’ renewed appetite for oil-field services companies, even though those firms have been much slower to buy back into the sector.

“Energy private-equity firms don’t seem to be very bullish on the oil-field services sector,” said Matthew Ritter, a research consultant at investment consulting firm NEPC. There are signs, however, that firms are warming up to the sector again. Quantum Energy Partners, one of the largest private-equity players in the U.S. energy industry, this month backed an oil-field services company for the first time since mid-2013. If the U.S. energy industry keeps its momentum, more private-equity firms may feel inclined to increase their bets in the services sector. Read more here.