NEPC’s first annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Progress Report tracks the progress in 2020 of diversity and inclusion efforts across several areas of NEPC’s business.

The DEI Progress Report fulfills a promise made on September 12, 2019. At that time, NEPC announced its Diverse Manager Policy 2.0, highlighting a pledge to be transparent and accountable for both successes and shortcomings on DEI. This report charts milestones achieved in 2020 as well as ongoing challenges that require additional focus going forward.

We are pleased to report substantial progress:

  • NEPC brought on diverse talent in 2020: When looking at gender, ethnicity and race, more than half (58%) of NEPC’s new hires in 2020 were diverse.
  • DEI improved at the ownership level: Diverse partners now own a 30% interest in the firm.
  • Engagement with diverse investment managers increased significantly: The representation of diverse firms on NEPC’s Focused Placement List rose by 45%, fueled by a 72% increase in our Research team’s interactions with diverse-owned and diverse-led firms.

NEPC’s firmwide commitment reflects our view that DEI will drive long-term success in our own business as well as the investment organizations with which we collaborate. We believe our clients’ investment programs benefit from skilled portfolio management sourced from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

Download the full report for more details.

Download the 2020 DEI Progress ReportDownload the 2020 Executive Summary