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The healthcare industry has unique needs, and NEPC is uniquely qualified to meet them. We currently consult to over 45 healthcare organizations representing over $105 billion in plan assets.

Our healthcare team has extensive industry knowledge and experience. In fact, we bring to the table an industry-leading combination of strengths and expertise in holistic risk analysis and management, treasury and plan sponsor investment expertise.  As a leading research organization, we have a keen understanding of healthcare’s operational nuances and constraints, and we help our clients understand and avoid the unintended consequences of evaluating each asset pool in isolation rather than holistically.
We see alternative investment strategies as worthwhile enhancements for healthcare clients and, attuned as we are to the evolving demands placed on the healthcare sector, we know the growing importance of our interaction with the ratings agencies, the significance of balance sheet and income statement considerations, and the many ways, large and small, that our full-service consulting practice can assist you in realizing your mission, optimizing risk, and maximizing results.

David W. Moore, ARM, CEBS, CPCU


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Disparate investment pools and objectives create additional complexity requiring sophisticated investment solutions. Our specialists see the big picture, helping you by providing incisive investment and industry insight, allowing you to fulfill your mission while delivering the best patient care.

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