We currently have over 50 Taft-Hartley retainer clients with over $40 billion in assets

From pension reform to a dynamic market environment, the various factors impacting today’s Taft-Hartley benefit plans make asset allocation, manager selection, and performance measurement more crucial than ever.

Our proactive philosophy and asset allocation modeling for Taft-Hartley clients are centered on a sensitivity to the funding criteria of PPA, risk management, scenario analysis, liability awareness and total return. Along with our client-focus, rigorous manager due diligence and research capabilities, and ability to work with more sophisticated investment concepts, our forward thinking process assists our Taft-Hartley clients in meeting their needs and goals.

We currently have over 50 Taft-Hartley retainer clients with over $40 billion in assets, which is a significant area of concentration and pride for our firm. Our eight Taft-Hartley consultants have spent virtually their entire careers working with Taft-Hartley plans and have an average of 19 years’ experience.

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Taft-Hartley plans are facing more investment and regulatory challenges than ever before. We know your goal is to improve benefits, keep your members working and deliver on the retirement promise. Our team’s deep roots in Labor allow us to fully understand the unique challenges you face and invest your programs to meet your goals.

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