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Our success is determined by your investment success. 

As a private wealth client, your needs and goals are unique.  NEPC’s investment consulting services are grounded in the understanding that your investment decisions should be closely aligned with your desired investment objectives.

NEPC's Private Wealth Advisory Practice

To meet these goals, we begin with clear communication and collaboration with you and your trusted advisors.  In practice this means:

  • Providing a high-touch service team that focuses on ultra high net worth individuals and family offices who can help guide you in pursuing your investment goals, capital preservation and philanthropic interests, legacy planning, and multigenerational investment education 
  • Using a goals-based asset allocation analysis to inform asset allocation decisions.  Through this process we are able to strike the critical balance between short-term needs and long-term investment objectives
  • Implementing risk budgeting, factor analysis and scenario analysis to identify sources of risk within your portfolio and test how your asset allocation would fare under different environments
  • Leveraging our extensive resources to deliver forward thinking research and investment ideas to you and your team.  We work to uncover niche ideas and innovative managers to help drive strong performance results
  • Streamlining your performance reporting needs and governance structure with a thorough review of your existing processes
  • Offering stability and continuity to your family office or team of advisors as your investment objectives evolve and your needs change
  • Independent advisory services; our private wealth practice does not contain the conflicts found in other wealth advisory businesses.

Our involvement is based on your needs and can range from traditional consulting to discretionary outsourcing. We dedicate substantial resources to helping you and your advisors oversee and implement every facet of your investment plan. On an ongoing basis, our consulting services address each phase of the investment process, including the review or development of your goals, investment manager searches, opportunistic investments and investment due diligence. Our suite of offerings includes consolidated reporting, quarterly rebalancing and cash flow reviews.

Our success is determined by your investment success. 

The Difference - NEPC's Private Wealth Practice

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