We currently service over 30 insurance companies and advise on over $30 billion in insurance plan assets.

Designing investment programs for insurance companies calls for far-reaching knowledge of the industry’s complex tax, regulatory, and liability environments and the insight to develop sophisticated, innovative strategies. Three of our consultants, former insurance company investment executives, provide a valuable perspective that sharpens our ability to meet the needs of this sector.

We currently service over 30 health insurers, life insurers, and property & casualty companies and advise on over $30 billion in insurance plan assets. Our offerings include investment policy statements (IPS), investment manager searches to find the best qualified, most appropriate candidates, and performance measurement, encompassing security level detail analysis that allows for risk assessment and policy compliance testing.

Bradley S. Smith, CFA, CEBS


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Our insurance expertise is driven by our understanding of how to integrate asset and liability considerations. Our approach is focused on managing forecasted assets relative to liabilities while growing your surplus within a heavily regulated market.

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