NEPC’s Karen Harding was mentioned in Fortune’s recent article on current cash positions. View the article on Fortune’s site here.

This article is part of Fortune‘s quarterly investment guide for Q2 2021.

Call it “The Once and Future King.” Not T.H. White’s book about Arthur, but cash.

For some savvy investors, the phrase “cash is king” has made a comeback. They’re ramping up a bet on the staidest investment of all, getting ready to pounce on opportunities at a time when they see overheated markets, and uncertainty ahead. The move is bold and can offer strong advantages if done right.

How much cash should you carry?

Financial advisers traditionally have a rule of thumb: Keep three to six months of expenses in cash as an emergency fund as well as enough “near-term liquidity” to cover foreseeable expenses over the same period, says Brian Price, head of investment management at Commonwealth Financial Network.

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