NEPC’s Sarah Samuels was recently featured in FIN News to discuss her forthcoming Children’s book, Braving Our Savings: Holland and London Learn to Invest. Excerpts from the article are shown below. View the article in it’s entirety on FIN News’ site here.

An institutional investment industry veteran has penned a new children’s book that aims to give children the confidence and access to become financially literate.

NEPC Partner Sarah Samuels came from a non-traditional career path, had no guidance, financial education or family history in the industry and understands that many others come from a similar dynamic. So, the mother of two little girls took matters into her own hands in publishing her first children’s book, Braving Our Savings: Holland and London Learn to Invest, to help change the lives of young kids that do not have control over what is put in front of them.

“Unfortunately, many schools are not teaching any personal finance or a general financial education. What’s not being taught at home and not being taught in school gets left by the wayside. These are some very basic life skills that can empower people to break generations-long cycles of making ends meet,” she said.

The concept and underlying theme of bravery is woven throughout the book, whose target audience is children in the first and second grade, and Samuels started a movement called 30 Seconds of Bravery as she believes that if you can do something that is difficult – whether it’s asking for a raise or promotion or doing something big in your personal life – it will change the path of your life.


“I’m having some really interesting discussions with different nonprofits across the country and I’ll be raising money at some point. I’ll be looking for ways to get as many copies of the book in kid’s hands as we can,” Samuels said.

GoFundMe is live for donations to children on the 30 Seconds of Bravery movement website and Samuels is looking for people that are willing to provide ideas in order to “amplify the message and get involved.”

“This is a wonderful industry and it should be available to all. Everyone deserves to have [the] type of career path that I was lucky enough to have, but they need our help,” Samuels said.

Braving Our Savings has a target publication date of April 16, which falls during Financial Literacy Month and will be published by Forefront Books, which caters to successful men and women in their respective fields, of publisher Simon & Schuster.