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Currently providing comprehensive consulting services
to over 60 public fund clients with total assets in excess of $700 billion

With extensive experience and a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges of defined benefit plans, we currently provide comprehensive consulting services to over 60 public fund clients with total assets in excess of $700 billion. We assess our clients’ progress against their own unique goals and objectives as well as the largest Public Fund performance measurement universe in the industry.

To help our public fund clients build customized investment programs that meet their unique investment goals and fulfill their fiduciary obligations, we incorporate data from the plan’s actuarial valuation statements when performing our comprehensive asset liability studies. As a result, we can forecast the impact of changes to fund provisions, workforce, and actuarial assumptions on funding and contributions. Additionally, our risk budgeting and scenario analysis tools allow plan sponsors to test alternative asset allocations under multiple economic environments to confidently build an investment program that meets their needs.

In response to our clients’ growing concern about liquidity, we’ve developed an analysis that enables us to examine each client’s current and projected liquidity needs, and to profile the potential sources of these needs. We’re careful to define these liquidity needs not only as actuarial forecasts of contributions vs. benefit payments, but also as forecasts of the liquidity needs rising from their alternative asset programs. This gives our clients a complete picture of their liquidity profile, which then becomes a key factor in determining how much exposure their portfolio can handle within illiquid asset classes.

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Public Funds are looking to grow assets in excess of actuarial assumptions. We work with you to navigate today’s complex markets in order to deliver on the retirement promise for your employees.

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