Defined Contribution

The combination of our consulting experience and research efforts
allows us to deliver proactive strategic consulting and leadership

Optimizing Outcomes for Employees and Employers

NEPC, one of the premier Defined Contribution consulting practices in the United States, partners with clients to meet the myriad of challenges faced by employers and their retirement plan participants. We apply our expertise to every facet of 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plan governance and oversight.

Our consulting experience and research efforts allow us to deliver services including:

  • Fiduciary training
  • Investment policy design and review
  • Manager selection and evaluation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Investment fee evaluation
  • Record-keeper search

As a thought leader, we are also able to provide proactive strategic consulting and leadership in areas such as:

  • Target date fund selection and evaluation
  • Custom target date fund creation
  • Glide path design
  • Use of non-traditional investment products
  • Income solution products
  • Managed accounts
  • Financial wellness
  • Auto features
  • Use of non-mutual fund products
  • Solutions that incorporate active and passive management

We believe it is critical that participants save early, save more and diversify. Our points of view have been sought out in Washington, DC, where we’ve presented our research and recommendations to regulators and legislators on topics such as:

  • clients needing fewer funds
  • lower fees and more complete fee disclosure
  • better target date funds and our belief in income solutions

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Christine A. Loughlin, CFA, CAIA


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We recognize the challenges you face in leading employees to a comfortable retirement. Our experts help relieve your fiduciary burden and deliver leading plans designed to encourage participants to save more and invest appropriately for retirement.

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