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Foundation & Endowment Report: E&Fs Optimistic About the Market, Not Keen on Bitcoin: NEPC

Foundations and endowments are bullish about the U.S. market but are not likely to pump more funds into it this year. They also seem to be veering away from cryptocurrency in 2018, according to a survey of 47 respondents by NEPC.

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FundFire: Endowments Plan to Slash U.S. Equities in Favor of PE, Emerging Mkts

Endowments and foundations are turning to private markets and emerging markets as they prep for the eventual end to the long-running U.S. bull market, according to consultants and investment professionals.

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Bloomberg: Crypto Craze Finds Few Fans At Endowments. Maybe Not For Long

Endowments and foundations are steering clear of the crypto-craze. At least for now.

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Pensions & Investments: NEPC: Endowments and Foundations a Little More Optimistic about Economy

Endowments and foundations are somewhat more optimistic about the economy, with 55% of them considering it better than last year, and only 13% seeing it in worse shape, according to a new survey by NEPC released Monday.

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Institutional Investor: Endowments and Foundations Take a Hard Pass on Cryptocurrencies

Ninety-six percent of endowments and foundations do not currently invest in cryptocurrencies — and they have no immediate plans to do so.

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