Denver downtown skyline in Autumn w/ City Park and lake in the foreground and the Rocky Mountains in the background.

The Denver Foundation: Aligning Assets with Mission

In 2018, The Denver Foundation made an important decision. It would change the focus of its $180 million socially responsible investment pool from negative screens (excluding “sin stocks” such as tobacco or firearms companies) towards inclusion of investments with social or environmental impact.

It might seem a modest shift. But for TDF, it was the start of an ambitious strategy to use both its investments and its grantmaking to advance the goals at the heart of its philanthropic mission: diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Toigo Foundation: Investing in the New Normal with Chenae Edwards

NEPC's Chenae Edwards joined the Toigo Foundation podcast to talk about her career, the investment industry, her work at NEPC, and the firm's commitment to diversity and inclusion. A Toigo Alumna and Partner at NEPC, Chenae spoke with current Toigo Fellow Steven Nelson.
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