We offer individuals, families and family offices a full range of investment services and strategies across public and private markets, customized to support your specific objectives.

Private Wealth Solutions

Our mission is to add value and preserve capital not only for you, but also for the generations to come. We draw from our extensive experience to better understand the complexities of your wealth and to help you anticipate potential challenges. To create the right investment strategy or collection of strategies, we employ a rigorous process to determine the optimal mix and placement of assets. We use various proprietary tools, models and research to construct investment portfolios that combine long-term strategic initiatives with shorter-term tactical allocations, while also optimizing for tax efficiency.

You can count on the heft and reach of our Research team to bring you innovative and enduring investment solutions across asset classes in private and public markets. Our advisors collaborate with you to find strategies that support your goals, constraints and time horizons, and are the best fit for your portfolio. Our expertise in impact investing can help align your portfolio to your philanthropic objectives. NEPC’s size can facilitate entry into leading investment funds, while our scale allows us to capture potential fee savings from managers and vendors that can directly benefit you. We layer our recommendations with a rigorous tax analysis to ensure your investments’ ability to meet their financial objectives.

Our primary goal is to empower you to make well-informed investment choices. Our performance reports help uncover the strengths and weaknesses in your portfolio by isolating individual manager skill from market movements, asset allocation and rebalancing decisions. We use custom benchmarks and advanced analytics to enable impartial comparisons and enhance understanding of the relative performance of your investments.

We fit our capabilities around your needs, allowing you to direct our services where they provide the most benefit. Choose from our full spectrum of solutions, ranging from investment advisory to an outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO). In an OCIO relationship, we partner with you to establish, and then implement, an investment program tailored to your long-term financial goals, constraints and time horizon.

We use our extensive experience to help prepare your heirs for the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges of wealth. Our advisors work with individuals, families and family offices to provide an understanding of investments and financial educational support. We can help you bequeath more than your wealth: pass on your values, aspirations and traditions to the next generation.

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