Stephen G. Gargano

Senior Research Consultant

Stephen is a senior research consultant in the traditional manager research group, where he assists with research updates, manager searches, and technical projects.  Stephen is the lead member of the Small Cap Equity Advisory Group and is also a member of the Large Cap Equity Advisory Group and Emerging Managers Advisory Committee. He identifies new strategies for potential placements in NEPC’s clients’ plans and conducts due diligence on events to assess the level of impact to the clients’ plans.

In addition to his manager research responsibilities, Stephen is a member of the Traditional Research Due Diligence Committee, which meets every other week to review the events of the preceding two weeks as they relate to the investment management community and he evaluates investment strategies for recommendation to clients.

Stephen meets with clients to discuss managers in detail and provides insights on the market impact as well as comparisons versus peer managers.  Given his experience covering managers in his space, he is called on for perspective in evaluating existing and potential investment strategies.  When clients conduct a manager search, he will weigh in on specific options to consider and he has helped facilitate the selection process.

Before joining NEPC in 2005, Stephen spent approximately seventeen years with RogersCasey, where he was a Director and consultant to fifteen of the firm’s clients.  He provided full investment consulting work and also spent a number of years specializing in the manager research area for the firm.  Prior to working at RogersCasey, Stephen worked at Pioneer Investment Management as a fund accountant where he monitored all income, cash and security transactions as well as priced all securities on a daily basis for daily NAV calculations.

Stephen received his B.S. in Accounting & Marketing from Boston College in 1984.  He is an Advisory Board Member of the Boston Investment Professionals.

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