Stacey Flier, CFA

Principal, Senior Consultant

Stacey joined NEPC as a Senior Consultant and has 27 years’ experience advising ultra-high net worth individuals and family offices on their investment portfolios. Stacey’s expertise is in structuring portfolios to maximize after‐tax return, taking into consideration clients’ differing risk tolerances and delivering investment advice and education to clients on investment trends, opportunities and challenges.  She is experienced in both discretionary and nondiscretionary portfolio management.

In addition to her client activities, Stacey is a member of the Impact Investing Committee at NEPC.  NEPC’s Impact Investing Committee is responsible for analyzing trends in this space, researching impact-focused managers and working with clients to develop strategies that meet their needs. This Committee is comprised of consultants and research professionals across both public market and alternative asset classes. Stacey represents the interests of Private Wealth clients on the Impact Investing Committee.

Prior to joining NEPC, Stacey held the position of Director, Investment Advisory Services at CTC | myCFO.  During her 21 year career at CTC | myCFO, Stacey held a number of roles, including Director of Asset Allocation, where she specialized in assisting clients in determining their optimal asset allocation, taking taxes into consideration.  She was also on the Impact Investing Advisory Committee, a voting member of the Investment Committee, and on the Fund Investment Risk Committee, which was responsible for evaluating risk levels in CTC | myCFO’s proprietary funds. Before Stacey’s time at CTC | myCFO, she worked as an Employee Benefits Analyst at U.S. Bank in Seattle, where she assisted discretionary management clients with their IRAs and 401ks.

Stacey earned her MBA from Portland State University and a B.A. in Business Leadership with honors from the University of Puget Sound. Stacey is a Chartered Financial Analyst and is a member of the CFA Society of Portland.  She is also a board member of Portland Women in Investment Management. Stacey was on the CFA Society of Portland Board from 2001 – 2007 and served as President of the Board from 2006-2007. During her free time, Stacey enjoys gardening, landscape design, running and spending time with her son. In addition, Stacey and her husband are fond of attending Formula One races as well as other sports car events.

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