Real Assets

Turning to the Tangible

NEPC’s real assets advisory practice has been actively evaluating the energy, real estate, natural resources and other real assets sectors for over 20 years. Within the umbrella of a full-service consulting firm, we are an experienced real assets advisor with over $16 billion in assets under advisement or discretionary management.1    

We believe in actionable and tailored investment strategies, encompassing a broad range of approaches and risk/return profiles across real asset and real estate sub-sectors. NEPC’s beta group philosophy provides a framework for clients to gain exposure to real assets without being confined to traditionally restrictive benchmarks. We collaborate with our clients to build customized programs, keeping in mind their unique risk constraints and investment goals.

When you work with NEPC, you get:

  • Best-in-class investment ideas across liquid and illiquid markets, running the gamut from long-only strategies and hedge funds to closed-end and semi-open-end private equity structures, and custom accounts
  • Disciplined portfolio construction, combining long-term strategic initiatives with shorter-term tactical allocations, tailored to your individual goals and risk constraints
  • A rigorous manager-selection process, focused solely on talent and expertise, encompassing first-time funds and seasoned money managers the world over
  • A boutique consulting experience backed by the might of NEPC’s 50-person research team
  • Client support through a dedicated team providing annual and quarterly materials, and ongoing reports on funds and managers
  • Independent and unbiased insights on all asset classes, market and economic events, and industry trends

1. As of December 31, 2017

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