Hedge Funds

Improving Diversification and Risk-adjusted Returns

Hedge funds encompass a wide range of investment objectives, strategies, styles, techniques and assets, offering a wide spectrum of risk/return profiles. Hedge funds are designed to exploit market inefficiencies through techniques such as arbitrage, opportunistic investing, and short selling, and are generally used to enhance return, reduce risk, or both, as well as provide diversification benefits that complement traditional investment strategies. NEPC has been actively evaluating hedge fund strategies for over 20 years. 

NEPC also believes that portfolio structuring and positioning tends to be an underappreciated component of overall plan management. We therefore take a “holistic” approach in order to deliver integrated solutions that are based on a robust understanding of each client’s total plan exposures and objectives. This allows us to create custom solutions to meet the needs of each client. NEPC also actively identifies tactical and strategic opportunities that could complement existing hedge fund portfolios. The combination of this top-down and bottom-up approach has generated strong results over multiple market cycles.

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