Hedge Funds

Improving Diversification and Risk-adjusted Returns

NEPC’s hedge fund advisory practice has been actively evaluating the hedge fund industry for over 25 years. Our services run the gamut from manager search and operational due diligence to portfolio construction and implementation. We have specialists dedicated to every hedge fund category, including credit, equity, event-driven and macro direct funds, as well as funds-of-funds.

When you work with us, you get:

  • Senior team members actively engaged in the process of portfolio construction and implementation
  • An experienced consulting firm with $30 billion in hedge fund assets under advisement or discretionary management spread over 200 clients   
  • A comprehensive top-down and bottom-up research process that identifies themes and opportunities and seeks managers best able to execute on these
  • A rigorous manager-selection process, focused solely on talent and expertise, encompassing first-time funds and seasoned money managers the world over
  • An exhaustive operational due diligence process for the managers we recommend
  • Fee concessions for our clients
  • NEPC’s large research capabilities within a boutique consulting experience
  • An award-winning team that is the recipient of Acquisition International’s 2016 Hedge Fund Award for “Best Full-Service Investment Consulting Firm – USA,” and Wealth & Finance International’s 2015 Alternative Investment Awards for “Sustained Excellence in Client Investment Management,” and “Macro Strategy Specialist of the Year – USA”

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