Alternative Investments

Enhanced Diversification

NEPC services over 260 clients with over $60 billion in alternative assets. We've been evaluating and providing advice regarding non-traditional asset classes since 1986. Now, with over 20 dedicated alternative assets research professionals, we have one of the most significant commitments in the industry.

When considering portfolio diversification, alternatives such as private equity, real assets, and hedge funds can offer attractive return diversification and potentially hedge against the negative effects of inflation, as well as provide the opportunity for attractive overall returns, when compared to traditional equity and fixed income investments.

As always, NEPC begins by identifying your specific needs and investment objectives to design a program that can enhance risk-adjusted returns, decrease volatility, improve diversification, and generate additional cash flow.

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Hedge Funds, also known as absolute return strategies, are flexible tools that complement traditional asset allocation programs.

Real Assets such as real estate, natural resources, and commodities are an important consideration in an alternative investments strategy.

Private Equity investing seeks to generate substantially greater returns than the traditional equity markets.

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