Robert J. Fishman, CFA

In Memoriam 

On March 10, 2019 we tragically lost a friend, colleague and leader at NEPC, Rob Fishman. Rob passed away quietly in his sleep, with no known illnesses. He is survived by his wife of 19 years, Lisa, son Daniel (15), daughter Sarah (12) and the newest addition to their family, Mookie, a dog they rescued in October. Rob was just 46 years old.

Rob left behind a close-knit community of current and former NEPC co-workers, long-time clients and industry colleagues who are profoundly grateful that they had the opportunity to know Rob. Below is a celebration of his life and career. 

Rob was an amazingly positive person, with a warm smile and kind words for everyone.  He was witty, smart, quick to laugh and had a very dry sense of humor that we all loved.  He was a brilliant fantasy football player, an okay golfer, a connoisseur of local micro-brews and really disliked long meetings.  Every office has a “go-to person” that people seek for advice.  That was Rob.  He was loaded with random yet pertinent knowledge and you could bet that he’d seen it, done it, or was willing to learn about it.

Rob began his investment career in 1995 and joined NEPC in 1999. He took great pride in working his way from analyst to Partner in under eight years. This June would have marked his 20th anniversary with the company, a milestone we would have recognized at our annual January offsite.

Rob was a great consultant and decisive investor. During his tenure at NEPC Rob touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries through his roles on the Defined Contribution and Discretionary Teams. He designed and monitored participants’ retirement investment options on an advisory basis, and managed investment portfolios on a discretionary basis. Rob also managed our own retirement plans at NEPC, which we are very thankful for. It saddens us greatly that he did not get to enjoy the secure retirement that he worked so hard to provide for us. 

Rob loved everything about NEPC, but most of all, the people; his wife in her grief, communicated that to us. As heart-warming as that was to hear, we will never be able to express to Rob just how much we appreciated him and everything he did for us over the years. A hallmark of NEPC is our values and culture. Rob embodied those traits and we will honor his memory by continuing to live those values in support of each other and our clients.  

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