Richard T. Chari

Sr. Consultant

Richard assists clients with manager searches, performance measurement, asset allocation studies, and technical projects. Richard joined NEPC in 2008 in our Performance Analysis group. Prior to joining NEPC in 2008, Richard was in graduate school and previously worked for Intermarket Unit Trusts, Harare, Zimbabwe in 2002. In his role at Intermarket Unit Trusts, Richard analyzed public companies trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Richard was also a Portfolio Administrator at the same firm where he maintained daily cash position and overnight investing or borrowing in order to balance the treasury funds, processed maturities and settlements for fixed income securities and also calculated net asset values for portfolios.

Richard passed the CFA Level I exam, and also earned his B.S. in Economics from the University of Zimbabwe and his M.B.A. in Global Business from Johnson & Wales University.

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