The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Endowment Managements Stand Pat Despite Market Worries, Survey Says

May 29, 2018

The Chronicle of Philanthropy covered NEPC's Endowments & Foundations' latest survey in an article titled "Endowment Managements Stand Pat Despite Market Worries, Survey Says."

Summary: The leaders of institutional endowments are worried about macroeconomic factors such as global political instability and trade wars, as well as sustained market volatility. Still, three quarters of survey respondents said they have made no changes to investment portfolios because of recent market fluctuations.

"Interestingly, with those being the major concerns now, endowments and foundations are not doing a whole lot with regard to changing their portfolios," Cathy Konicki, a partner at NEPC and the head of the investment consulting firm’s endowment and foundation practice, told the Chronicle in an interview.

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Topics: Endowments & Foundations, Press Coverage

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