FundFire Webinar: Consultant Roundtable: 2017 Mid-year Outlook

September 22, 2017

FundFire held an Exchange webcast "Consultant Roundtable: 2017 Mid Year Outlook" on August 23. 

The first half of 2017 has brought investors yearning for higher returns and looking to consultants to help deliver maximum return. Managers need to keep up with consultant recommendations if they hope to keep up with investors' demands.

In this Exchange, FundFire's panelists Tim Barron, chief investment officer at Segal Marco Advisors, Jay Kloepfer, director of capital market and alternatives research at Callan Associates, and Dulari Pancholi, senior research consultant, hedge funds at NEPC will discuss their outlook for the rest of the year.

Dulari's slide deck is available now.

To watch the replay, subscribe on FundFire's website here.


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