FundFire: Managers Focus on Consultants to Streamline Sales Efforts

September 6, 2017

FundFire article "Managers Focus on Consultants to Streamline Sales Efforts" included comments from NEPC's Steve Charlton, CFA, Partner and Director of Consulting Services. 

For certain product types, especially environmental, social and governance investment strategies (ESG) and impact investing, although not common, it would not be “abnormal” to find managers placing all their bets on investment consultants, says Steven Charlton, partner and director of consulting services at NEPC.

“ESG, in particular, is being driven by the consulting world and a few big institutional buyers, so the definition of ESG and how it manifests itself in client portfolios is somewhat unique so it wouldn’t surprise me that they get a lot more traction dealing specifically with consulting firms, and consulting firms that have dedicated people to that space.”

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