FundFire: Insurers Still Chasing Private Assets Despite Hitting Risk Limits

October 6, 2017

NEPC's Matt Rowell, Consultant, was featured in FundFire article "Insurers Still Chasing Private Assets Despite Hitting Risk Limits."

Yet, most insurers are looking at private assets carefully, says Matthew Rowell, a consultant at NEPC. “Most insurers are broadening their opportunity set and starting to look at other markets and other opportunities but they are proceeding with caution,” he says. “Whether it is valuation, credit spreads or multiples within private markets, they’re concerned about entering the market at the wrong time and moving in too quickly and facing a downside environment which can affect their overall business.” Large, global and complex life and multiline insurers are those typically ahead of the game, in terms of exploring private markets, Rowell says.

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