FundFire: "Evestment Expands How Managers Report ESG Data"

October 19, 2016

NEPC provided guidance to eVestment, a technology and data analytics provider for institutional investors, to bring more environmental, social and governance (ESG) intelligence to help the investment community vet ESG strategies. The database has expanded its ESG data collection to include firm-wide information in addition to product-level data.

Said NEPC Partner Scott Perry: “As investor appetite for ESG grows and evolves so too must the ESG information that helps inform our investment decision-making process. We see this interest as a long-term trend and we’re excited to work with eVestment who is at the forefront among data providers, offering both quantitative and qualitative intelligence.”

Among the big questions NEPC is asking:
- Why is the manager integrating ESG?
- How does ESG fit into his/her investment process?
- Is the ESG research owned by the investment team or is a separate ESG team that is responsible for it?
- What ESG data is in use – internal, external, a blend?
- What is the manager doing in terms of active management, meaning proxy voting and engagement with management on some of these issues?

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