FundFire: Endowments, Foundations to Sink More Money into PE Despite Qualms

November 17, 2017

FundFire article covered NEPC's Endowments & Foundations Q3 Survey focusing on Private Equity. The article also included comments from NEPC's Scott Perry, CAIA, Partner. 

“It seems a bit complex when you think about it,” says Scott Perry, a partner and member of NEPC’s endowment and foundation consulting practice. “51% are thinking of increasing despite those concerns over lower returns and valuations, but I think what is ultimately driving that decision to either increase or maintain exposures, is the expected returns in private equity are still attractive relative to opportunities in other asset classes.”

So, endowments and foundation are turning to more focused areas of the market to combat higher valuations. Moving forward, endowments and foundation investors are highlighting growth equity and venture capital as areas of interest, at 56% and 49%, respectively, according to the survey.

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