FundFire: Concentrated Bets Put Small Endowments Ahead of the Pack

October 19, 2017

FundFire article "Concentrated Bets Put Small Endowments Ahead of the Pack" included commentary from NEPC's Kristin Reynolds, CFA, CAIA, Partner. 

A handful of smaller-sized colleges have outpaced the Ivy League in endowment returns, yet again. This pattern may be an early indicator that other smaller-sized universities and colleges could begin to emulate these schools’ approach to managing endowments, and tap into niche strategies and more concentrated portfolios, according to consultants.

Each of the endowments’ unique approach to investing could be attributed to their success, says Kristin Reynolds, a partner and a member of NEPC’s philanthropic and private wealth consulting practice.

“So, Grinnell is an interesting story if you look at their allocations,” she says. “But, they basically have a portfolio of five to eight concentrated managers that really happened to do well this year. It’s not the same kind of structure as anyone else.”

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