NEPC's Latest Healthcare Operating Fund Universe Infographic

August 30, 2017 / by NEPC

NEPC provides holistic and effective investment consulting services to senior-level financial executives at hospitals nationwide, taking into account the healthcare industry’s unique operational nuances and constraints.

We periodically gather financial data from healthcare providers to improve our understanding of how healthcare company operating pools are invested.

From the latest survey data, we identified three key survey themes, as well as the development of industry trends:

  • Risk alignment around financial standing continues to strengthen
  • FTEs continue to show signs of improving risk efficiency
  • FTEs appear to help improve risk and reward efficiency in an investment program

Dave Moore, partner and head of NEPC’s healthcare practice, said that while healthcare organizations shouldn’t make investment decisions based on what their peers are doing, they should understand macro investing trends. Comparing the level of risk they are taking and their allocations to different asset classes to those of other organizations with similar financial metrics and ratings is one factor healthcare providers should consider when creating or updating their investment program.

 A summary of the results is available upon request. To register as a participant or request the summary, please click here.

 Download the infographic here.

2016_NEPC_OperatingFundUniverse FINAL.jpg

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