Corporate Plan Sponsor Flash Poll Survey Infographic

May 23, 2016 / by NEPC


Infographic Summary:

Corporate Plan Sponsor Flash Poll Survey Infographic NEPC Corporate Defined Benefit Team


Do you plan to change pension policies due to increased PBGC premiums on the recent budget act?

  • Yes- 66%
  • No- 34%

Game Plan:

  • 17% -Partial Risk Transfer
  • 34% -No Change
  • 32% -Higher Contributions
  • 32%  -Lump Sums

Respondents who are considering change:

  • 45%  -1 change
  • 36%  -2 changes
  • 9%  - 3+ changes

"PBCG premiums are climbing too high to ignore. The majority of plan sponsors are developing strategies to cushion the blow, by either seeking to opportunistically settle a portion of current liabilites or by making additional contributions."

-Brad Smith, Partner, CFA, CEBS 


The NEPC Corporate Defined Benefit team surveyed clients and non-clients the week of Feb. 15, 2016. There were 41 respondents in the plan asset range of $25 million to $7.1 billion.


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