NEPC uses a variety of databases in its proprietary manager search process, including the eVestment database and Morningstar. In addition, NEPC maintains an internal database which houses all of our due diligence data, including our one-on-one manager meeting write-ups, investment theses, and key historical data regarding products, personnel, organizational changes and our own 48-hour notification letters.

For Traditional Investment strategies, to be included in NEPC’s initial investment manager screening process, be sure that your firm’s eVestment data is accurate, complete, and updated on a quarterly basis. For Alternative strategies, we work directly with firms to gather qualitative and quantitative information.

We welcome the opportunity to get to know you. We do request that you help us use our time, and yours, most efficiently. We receive many calls and emails from investment managers and we strive to be responsive to each one. To facilitate this process, if you are introducing your firm to NEPC, please work through our Research Coordinator Emma Twitchell at research@nepc.com. Thank you for your consideration in this important matter

You can also introduce your firm to us by completing the following form.

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