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Dedicated, Independent, Specialized

NEPC provides insights and analysis on asset classes and strategies, as well as new products and special topics.

Research is a core commitment at NEPC. With one of the largest dedicated research groups in the industry — about a quarter of our staff — our expertise spans asset allocation, traditional investments, and alternative strategies. Along with asset class specialization, our research professionals excel in identifying and assessing asset managers and their key performance drivers, market trends, and new products, contributing considerably to our thought leadership.

NEPC’s Research Group is organized into five teams: Client Strategy, Asset Allocation, Traditional Manager Research, Alternative Assets Research, and Operational Due Diligence. Each is driven by process and planning. When identifying asset managers, we look for those strategies with a unique and repeatable investment thesis. Asset allocation and traditional research involve strategy evaluation, while our alternative asset research process begins by establishing a strategic plan for the investment program, guidelines for candidate managers, and extensive due diligence.

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